Monday, September 7, 2009

Sabbath rest

We've been making some huge changes to our church, Houserville House of Hope, recently. Tons of painting, new carpet, lighting, you name it! And, since we've been doing most of the work ourselves, there are quite a few of us that are BEAT! This has included working most of the Saturdays and Sunday afternoons this past month.

My wife, Sharon, and two of our friends, Jeff and Amy, left after church yesterday to head to Chincoteague, Virginia for vacation. I was sitting outside the motel room this morning, reading today's scriptures from the devotion I'm using. (lifejournal, click here or on the link in the right column) One of the scriptures was 2 Chronicles 36. I've been using The Message because I find it to be very understandable and very easy to read. Verse 21 jumped out at me:
21 This is exactly the message of God that Jeremiah had preached: the desolate land put to an extended sabbath rest, a seventy-year Sabbath rest making up for all the unkept Sabbaths.

It couldn't have come at a more appropriate time. God's timing and His word continually amaze me!

This week, I hope to minimize my time on the computer (major time waste and addiction) and spend more time reading, writing, sermon writing, praying and getting back in touch with God. And since this week has started with rain, and the next few days are forecast to be rainy, this will be a perfect opportunity.
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