Sunday, September 20, 2009


Well, I spent about 4 hours yesterday sitting alongside a nice little stream, reading, napping and talking with God. The only other creatures present were some bugs and a brief visit from a playing dog that ran up over the hill that separated me from the trail. I could really use another 20 hours or so! There's still lots of work to be done to clean up this current mess. I think yesterday's mini-hermitage took the edge off, and will allow me to "hold my tongue" a little easier. But I know I need to be very careful, there are some issues that still are capable of an explosive reaction if I'm not careful.

But, I left feeling a little better, and a little closer to God. I wish I could say that I spent the whole time in prayer and reading scripture, but I didn't. I also read quite a few chapters in The Last Week, by Borg and Crossan. It examines, in detail, the last week that Jesus was on earth. It's a fascinating book that really sheds light on the events, and the timing involved. The political side is particularly good. It gets me to thinking about how I should be acting and reacting in today's political environment.

Perhaps that's the next direction of exploration! How would Jesus act in this current political environment, and how should I act as His disciple? (I don't think he'd approve of bigger government.)

It's time to finish getting ready for church, we're having our Open House today at Houserville House of Hope, and anticipate a packed house! Unfortunately I'm not in the frame of mind to enjoy it fully, but with God's grace I can at least contribute what's expected of me, and control my attitude!
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