Saturday, September 11, 2010

Continuation of "Thoughts on tomorrow's scripture"

Well, we can see how disciplined I am!

Anyway, during our prayer time, I looked over at the participants and it hit me. I felt that I should concentrate on the plumb line in the scripture, not on the message of doom.

God was holding up a plumb line to judge Israel. It's one of the few tools we use that we can't mess up without a definite action. The force that causes it to work, is gravity, and that is controlled by God. We can ignore the results, or we can hold the plumb bob off to the side, but we really have to make a concerted effort to mis-read a plumb line.

Sitting across from me was a gentleman that I consider a well-rounded mature Christian. I realized, as I look to him for examples of Christian behavior, that he is "my plumb line." He is someone that God has placed in my life so that I can judge my behavior. We should pause and think of those people that have crossed our paths, that we have viewed as an good example, or a plumb line. And I think it would be wonderful if we take the time to thank them, in person or letter, for the influence they've had on us.

And, we should examine our own lives and friends, and remember that we could be a plumb line for someone else. Are you living your life such that someone looks to you for an example of Christlike behavior? Or, perhaps I should say, "when" someone looks to you for an example. Are your day to day actions, words and thoughts Christlike? Would you be flattered that others imitate you? or chagrined?

It's time! time to examine your life with a magnifying glass. Because, somewhere, someone is probably watching your behavior and trying to decide if he/she should imitate your behavior. Are you ready for that? I hope so, because you don't get to choose the time and place for Christlike behavior, you need to live it all the time.

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