Saturday, July 18, 2009

Getting ready for Sunday morning

I just watched a church service on, online church, quite a concept. There were people from 20 countries online at one point tonight. What an awesome use of the internet! And, if you take care to watch in the right location (quiet, undisturbed), it can be a very nice worship experience.

Tonight was the second sermon in a new series, At The Movies. During the service, we watched clips from a selected movie, not necessarily a Christian movie, and looked for God's message that was presented, or can be found in the movie. This week's movie is Henry Poole Is Here

Though I rarely watch movies, this one might break my dry spell. (the last movie I watched in a theatre was A Perfect Storm)

I also started to watch an instructional DVD I purchased several weeks ago, Leading Worship : Creating Flow, from the Paul Baloche Modern Worship Series from But, I missed taking a nap this afternoon and I think I'm going to postpone viewing the rest of the DVD until tomorrow.

I hope that you take time to attend worship service tomorrow and thank God for his blessings. If you can't make it to church, check out

God Bless
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