Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Get to work, you lazy bum!

Ok, enough screwing around, time to get serious about this! No, really!

I've had two days of classes so far in Lay Seminary. It's not exactly what I expected, but I'm not disappointed, at all, with the structure. I had anticipated lots of reading and writing. But so far, it's been discussing and listening to "lectures" on the various subjects. One of this term's instructors is expecting us to do some reading in our text, but not a huge amount. We've heard from one of our instructors for next term, and he does have a fair amount of reading for us, but he's also given us the syllabus for each week.

We had an enjoyable week of vacation last week. (Except for the drive down and back, Chincoteague, Virginia) It rained the first few days we were there, so no beach time until Thursday. But I took the opportunity to make some long-needed changes to several websites. Not that they look great, or even good, but I set them up using Wordpress blogging software. Hopefully, this will make it easier for others to make changes and updates. AND, hopefully, "others" will be willing to do so!

Due to some spectacularly unimpressive promoting, I've decided to cancel the Financial Peace University class that was to have started last night. I need to look at starting it after the first of the new year, AND forcing myself to promote, promote, promote. (or hire a new promoter, I'd be willing to double what I made) But anyway, that frees up another evening during the week for homework reading, home chores, etc.

Speaking of homework, I need to finish my reading for Saturday, and work on a sermon for Sunday. And, repair a drain leak in the house. (Can't say, "I'll take care of that Saturday" during class, bummer!)

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