Saturday, January 12, 2013

The next chapter

It's time to begin the next chapter on my path to ministry.

I met with the district Committee on Ordained Ministry this past Tuesday to review my progress. I'm still waiting for the results of an assessment and the related paperwork to finish the requirements to become a "certified candidate for licensed and ordained ministry." However, the dCOM gave me the approval necessary to enter Licensing School, which begins next Saturday, January 19th.

So, I'm now a "conditionally certified" candidate, or at least a little closer to being a certified candidate.

The Susquehanna Conference's Licensing School is 80 hours of instruction spread out over 10 Saturdays, so, that means the next 2 1/2 months are going to be very busy. But, I'm looking forward to class and hope my rusty learning skills come back into play quickly! (Maybe some WD40 and steel wool?)

After that? well, we'll have to wait and see what God has in mind.

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